Ride in Paradise Using Kettuvellams in Kerala

The best and most appropriate way to explore and enjoy the serenity of nature in Kerala’s backwater is the traditional houseboats named “Ketuvalloms” found in Kerala. It helps the tourists to have complete glimpse of rural life and have the panoramic view of nature closely. Actually these routes of backwaters was used for all transportation needs and the wooden houseboats were used for trading rice, coconuts etc long back from centuries. But with time these houseboats started to attract tourists for holiday tours and became available in all budgets from common to the luxury one. Houseboats Kerala are of different shapes and sizes available in simple to royal patterns which can be hired by anyone according to their needs. With the aim of giving complete luxury of home environment to the tourists the houseboats are converted into floating resorts having cozy bedrooms, modern toilets of different kinds, dining room where people can taste the mouth watering flavors of Kerala. These boats move all day through the beauty of backwaters except the time when food is served and also when night descends. It has been usually found that the boatman of “Kettuvallom” to be singing the famous folk songs of Kerala while rowing. While getting the ride of these houseboats one feels lost in the paradise of nature having most romantic time of life amidst of greenery. The backwaters cover the villages which are also the major trading centers like Allapuzha, Kuttand, Kumarakom, Kasargod, etc.

Kumarakom in Kottayam district is the best and ideal holiday destination of Kerala. It is a village evolved from many small islands stands by the bay of Vembanadkayal. During the tours houseboats Kumarakom one can have the scenic view of the paddy fields, the mangrove and coconut trees and also other natural heritage of Kerala, and not only these one can also explore the exotic beauty of historical pleasures of Kottayam. It has been observed that more than the “Kettuvallam” ride; the tourists are attracted towards the resorts available in Kottayam where tourist can enjoy ayurvedic massage, beauty treatments, and other luxurious facilities like a five star hotel.

Well it can be said that Kerala’s backwaters is one of the holiday spot where one can really relax out the tensions of life and can enjoy the exotic and romantic beauty of nature through the rides of the houseboats.

While backwater places of Kerala cannot be explored or enjoyed in true sense without touring by the houseboats traditionally known as “Kettuvallams”. It has its own charm which makes tours in the backwaters more romantic and pleasant. When the boats sails by the dazzling beaches, the tourists are able to have the panoramic view of the nature in its stunning beauty. The tourist s explore the nature all day long by lying on the deck or by standing in the balcony of the boat. They observe the local people busy in their daily and rustic routine life of fishing and farming, they mesmerizes the picturesque view of greenery all around with coconut, palm and mangrove trees and they pleasantly escape to the refreshing environment of backwaters. These houseboats are made with the aim of giving complete comfort to the tourists with modern bedrooms and toilets and even serve nice food where tourist test dishes of kerelan flavor. Not only this Kerala backwater cruises are seem giving luxurious facilities like spa, sauna, massage, etc to grab the heart of the tourists.

People can definitely plan a nice family cruise vacation in Kerala in order to make their vacation most memorable and wonderful. Now-a-days it has become very easy to visit such nice holiday destination because there are many kinds of tour packages available throughout India.